Meet Simon!

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in life's moments

Thank you for checking in on us. Let me introduce myself! Originally from London but moved to Northampton for uni and decided to stay here after. Now married to my beautiful wife, Racheal and newborn baby Jonan. I enjoy different range of sports such as football, athletics and swimming. I also enjoy watching movies, reading (trying to), church and spending time with my family. Feel free to bond with me about any of these. I'm a sucker for the simple things in life but I do believe in special moments.


Fact 1

My dream was to actually be a footballer. If that didn't work out, I had planned to work within football but I realised I just wanted to play football more than have a role around it.


Fact 2

I love and enjoy my own company and I'm also comfortable in a social setting. I would say I am an extroverted introvert. I can enjoy the best of both worlds


Fact 3

I have an allergy to shellfood which means I can't eat some seafood with shells but I love fish. Last time I had prawns by accident is 6 years and counting.


Fact 4

I can be very competitive although I always deny it but apparently I am (coming from my wife). I have no choice but to accept it.